The 2nd BIG GAME Multiplier event in Romania
FotografiaA second national event was arranged by the Romanian partner, Fundatia EuroEd, in order to promote the projects results among the target groups; to promote the competition results, to investigate the familiarity with the technology applied to the teaching and learning activities.
It also aimed to offer the competition participants the prizes, badges and certificates as they are the long term beneficiaries of the project activities and tools and also we’ve intended to reach the local and national key actors and stakeholders interested in the building of the BIG GAME network. This event illustrated and promoted the IO1 - The BIG GAME learning concept and model. It was arranged according to the guidelines and some instructions defined by the Valorisation Team in the Valorisation Plan at the beginning of the project.
The participants: students, teachers, educational stakeholders and key actors interested in the project methodology and tools.