BIG GAME competition campaign has been launched - now it needs active spreading
FotografiaIn order to reach the target groups of the project, teachers of STEM subjects and especially geography with students aged 11-16 from all over the Europe, the BIG GAME competition campaign has started on social media.
The campaign contains evocative images and questions that activate target groups to seek more information about the theme and direct them to the project's pages. Finally, the campaign culminates in a video announcing the BIG GAME competition, which we hope will be widely shared among the target groups.

All project partners have participated in the production of the campaign content, and the result is a campaign the purpose of which is to arouse interest in the project and STEM-based problem solving as well as to raise awareness of climate change issues.

Please be kind and cooperate for the sake of spreading our campaign and sharing it as widely as possible! You will find the campaign postings at the BIG GAME Facebook page at:
Within each sharing of the campaign content must be mentioned the competition website address as well as the BIG GAME hashtags #BIGGAME #competition #STEM #digitalization #ClimateChange #climatechangeawareness, in order to create call to action for registration of the target groups as well as the strong brand for the project.