Changes in the BIG GAME project coordination staff at University of Turku (UTU)
FotografiaThere will be a change in the University of Turku's project personnel in May 2023, as the project coordinator Ms. Heli Brander leaves the project and moves to another position.

"For me personally, the realization of the BIG GAME project was like a dream come true. This is because the project idea itself was something, which was developed literally itself from a situation in which I woke up from a dream. So in the middle of the night all of the sudden there was this wild idea clearly in front of me - which we then started to develop further with the project team – and BANG: we have the BIG GAME. I am of course sad that I was not able to complete the project for my part, but I wish the project and the whole team all the best and I know that the project is in the best possible hands to succeed.", Brander emphasizes.

The project's new coordinator at the University of Turku is Ilkka Vuolaslempi. Ilkka also works with other Erasmus+ projects in his work, and is excited about the BIG GAME project as the newest addition to his project portfolio. Ilkka says hi to everyone – and also he is very much looking forward to getting to know the whole BIG GAME team in the near future.