BIG GAME Multiplier event in Finland
FotografiaMultiplier event is a national event organised with the purpose of disseminating the project results produced by the project. Spreading information about the project during and after the project is very important and benefits the whole project.

Multiplier event in Finland about the BIG Game project has been arranged in three cities, Turku (03/10/2023), Joensuu (10/10/2023) and Kuopio (25/10/2023). Joensuu is a relatively small city and this way we can gather together as many teachers as possible.

The main topics at this point of the project is to introduce the participants and the process of this project and to invite teachers to play the game. The purpose of the event is also to provide guidance on how to participate in the competition and equip them with the necessary skills to guide their students in the future. There will be a workshop where teachers simulate the BIG GAME mission.